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There is no Base Filtering Engine to click on!

Error: "5013,3" appears on my Norton 2012 product


STEP 1Temporarily turn off Norton Product Tamper Protection
  1. Start your Norton 2012 product.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. On the General tab, click Product Security.

  4. Move the slider next to Norton Product Tamper Protection to turn it off.

  5. Click Apply.

  6. In the Security Request window, from the select the duration drop-down menu, select Until system restart, and then click OK.

  7. In the Settings window, click Close.

STEP 2Enable the Base Filtering Engine service
  1. Click the Start button, and then click All Programs > Accessories > Run.

  2. In the Run dialog box, type the following text:


  3. Click OK.

    If you receive the User Account Control prompt, click Yes or Continue.

  4. In the Services window, under the Name column, locate and double-click Base Filtering Engine. (THERE IS NO BASE FILTERING ENGINE FILE TO CLICK ON)

  5. To the right of Startup type, verify that Automatic appears.

    If Startup type is not Automatic, then in the drop-down list, click Automatic.

  6. To the right of Service Status, verify that Started appears.

    If the Service status is not Started, then click Start.

  7. Click OK.

  8. Exit the Services window.

  9. Restart the computer.



Re: There is no Base Filtering Engine to click on!

Did you have the Win 7 Internet Security 2012 Virus on your machine before you loaded Norton?  I think it's the source of this problem.  I'm having the same problem as you and the folks at Norton haven't been able to fix the problem.


Re: There is no Base Filtering Engine to click on!


This problem may happen if your computer is infected. To resolve this issue, run a scan using the Norton Power Eraser Tool. You can download it at





Re: There is no Base Filtering Engine to click on!


   That error is caused by a fake antivirus program and it will delete the BFE service also follow the instructions in the below thread given by Mr. Prasanna http://community.norton.com/t5/Norton-360/Error-5013-3/td-p/607688

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Re: There is no Base Filtering Engine to click on!

After installing the Norton AV program on my son’s computer (Windows 7) it had the Norton error 5013,3 which indicates that the Base Filtering Engine (BFE) service was not running.

I suspected some virus buried deep in the system so I ran all kinds of virus scans from Windows Essentials program and other 3rd party companies. The scans did find two Trojan viruses that were eliminated.

I then tried Norton’s instructions of manually starting the BFE service. Using the Windows Services app I discovered that there was no BFE service. Using the export function within REGEDIT I made copies of the BFE service as well as the MPSSVC service using my second sons’ computer that was running fine. I then installed the BFE and MPSSVC services on the faulty computer and hoped that it would get BFE running.

Note: Be very careful using REGEDIT. Recommend backing up the Windows Registry before making changes.

When I tried to get BFE running a pop up indicated some ACCESS Denied. I then realized the virus corrupted or changed some security features.

I came across the following articles that provided the next steps to get the bloody BFE service running. http://blogs.technet.com/b/networking/rss.aspx. Start with the first article to give you an overview.

     1.        The Windows Firewall Service Fails to start – Introduction

     2.        The Windows Firewall Service Fails to start – Checking Privilege Access

     3.        The Windows Firewall Service Fails to start – Dependencies

     4.        The Windows Firewall Service Fails to start – Logon Permissions

     5.        The Windows Firewall Service Fails to start – Registry Permissions

When checking the security privileges get a second person to verify the entries because they are long and cryptic in style.

After completing the above I was able to get my son’s computer BFE running.

Good Luck


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

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