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ccsvchst.exe using cpu 99 to 100%

I'm having a situation with ccsvchst.exe  using the cpu at 99 to 100% all the time......................should I be worried about this?

Is there something I can do to moderate its' activity?

Sorry if this doesn't fit here, please redirect....................Thanks



Re: ccsvchst.exe using cpu 99 to 100%

Hi jimbackstrom560:

Welcome to the Norton community.

Yes, the Symantec Service Framework (ccSvcHst.exe) should not be working closing to 100% all the time.  By "all the time", do you mean any time the computer is on?  Open the Norton Tasks window (Performance | Norton Tasks), and zoom out to 1 day - if ccSvcHst.exe (represented by the yellow peaks in the graph) is running continuously at 100% CPU, then you likely have a problem with your Norton installation and need to perform a clean re-install of your Norton product using the Norton Removal Tool.  Instructions are posted here for Norton Internet Security (NIS) - post back and let us know if you need alternate instructions for NAV or N360 and the exact version you currently have installed (see Support | About).

If you mean that ccSvcHst.exe is hitting 100% CPU intermittently throughout the day, then this could simply be an issue with the amount of RAM on your system.  If this is the case then post back with details about your computer (e.g., Windows OS, CPU speed, amount of RAM, etc.) so we can determine if a few simple tweaks to your Norton configuration might help decrease the usage of ccSvcHst.exe on your system.

Also let us know if you have (or previously had) another security program like McAfee, AVG, SpyBot Search & Destroy, etc. installed on your PC and running in real-time protection mode.  Residual files and registry entries from previously installed security software can sometimes cause this type of problem.  Let us know if you think this might be an issue and we can probably provide a link to the manufacturer's removal tool to wipe their product off your PC.  Computer manufacturers like Dell sometimes even installed their own factory-installed security software that can cause a conflict with Norton products, so check for this as well.


Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit SP2 * NIS 2011 v. * IE 9.0 * Firefox 8.0.0
HP Pavilion dv6835ca, Intel Core2Duo CPU T5550 @ 1.83 GHz, 3.0 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS

Accepted Solution

Re: ccsvchst.exe using cpu 99 to 100%

Thank you very much for your prompt and helpful response.

I checked the performance for a day and it was @99-100% virtually all of the time. Before I went through the clean re-install you suggested, I downloaded the 2012 version of NIS.

So far that seems to have solved the problem..............since the install, the highest peak of cpu use has been 24% and ccsvchst.exe was only about half of that.

I will continue to monitor it, and will post back if anything changes, thanks again and best regards..................Jim

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