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Is MyStart or Incredibar malware?

I have no idea how MyStart by IncrediBar got on to my computer. Initially, it hijacked my browsers (Firefox 8.01 and Internet Explorer 9.)  When opening either browser, it re-directed my homepage to a MyStart search page. I have never intentionally allowed MyStart, IncrediBar, or IncrediMail into my system.

Using the Control Panel (Vista Home Premium – 64-bit), I uninstalled the program. Then, I went into the Options controls on both browsers and disallowed and/or deleted all references to these programs. I also reset my homepage to where I had previously set it to be. I tried to do a System Restore twice, but each time it failed, returning a message indicating that “An unspecified error occurred during System Restore.” I did a complete system scan with Norton 360, which turned up nothing. I also ran Norton Power Eraser, which indicated “no risks found.”

MyStart was still appearing as a tab when I opened Firefox, but not Internet Explorer.  Then, someone at Mozilla Support (cor-el) provided a series of steps that now prevents MyStart from opening when I open Firefox.  But, I’m still wondering if MyStart is on my computer and collecting sensitive financial information, even though I cannot see it.

Is there reason for me to be concerned?

Thanks for your help.




Re: Is MyStart or Incredibar malware?

Did you install incredimail?  That's how it got onto your computer.  I did have a security flag with incredimail once, but I really don't know if it's malware.  Someone else should answer that question.

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Re: Is MyStart or Incredibar malware?

I didn't install Incredimail.  And I just searched my hard drive again and there is no trace of it there.  To my knowledge, it has never been on my hard drive.

I'm still wondering if my computer's security has been compromised. 

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