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How To Put Two Computers On One Account?

I have two notebooks, both bought at different times in 2008, and each has Norton - one has Norton AntiVirus, and the other has Norton Internet Security. Both have been updated/renewed each year, and both will auto-renew on January 8th - the Internet Security for $69.99, and the AntiVirus for $44.99. I wasn't aware when I bought Norton for each one that I could cover two computers with one product.

How can I cancel the AntiVirus auto-renewal and cover both computers under the Internet Security product? Both computers are in one household - one is my primary computer, and the other one is used when I travel.




Re: How To Put Two Computers On One Account?

Based on what other users tell us your best bet is to contact the Norton OnLine Customer Support team via the CHAT route and discuss this with them.

We have had other users able to combine subscriptions just as you want so if you do it now you won't even lose any days.

Note also that there are some special offers online at Norton that are worth checking out -- open up the MyNortonAccount in each case and click on Special Offers to see what is there. There may be some discounted renewals or purchases and if so ask the CHAT person about getting the best deal you can for NIS 3 PC version ....

To contact customer support Click on this link and work on from there

Please let us know how you get on .... 


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