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pcAnywhere - v 9.2 - Windows 7 & Windows 98

Hi there,

We have been successfully using v9.2 of pcAnywhere to access a windows 98 computer from a windows XP computer (Win98 host - win XP client). 

The particular user is being given a new computer which has Windows 7 64 bit installed.  I tried reinstalling the software in the native environment  - this failed with a compatibility issue.  I then installed XP mode on the win 7 computer, and then installed pcAnywhere, which went fine.  However XP Mode will now not load because pcAnywhere has replaced a component of the login of the XP Mode. (C:\windows\system32\awgina.dll).

Can anyone offer a solution to this problem?  Will a newer version of pcAnywhere running on the Win 7 pc be able to communicate with the windows 98 computer?

Hope someone can help.





Re: pcAnywhere - v 9.2 - Windows 7 & Windows 98

In what direction are you trying to go?

The most recent version of PCA does not officially support Windows 7 64bit but most people are using it without any trouble.

But I assume the 98 system is the host and your just trying to remote into it otherwise you wouldn't be installing it into XP mode.

If thats the case, I'm pretty sure you need to run live update before rebooting the XP system.  You also may not even need to install the whole program.   I don't have a version that old but the versions I have come with "thin clients" on the disk called "PCanywhere Express".


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