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Auto Fill and Auto Logon

Do not want to provide password EVERY TIME I access auto fill or auto logon. Even when I'm already in my Norton Settings, I'm asked to provide my password. How can I change the in use time clock to an hour or two so I don't have to keep providing my password?


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Re: Auto Fill and Auto Logon


in the Settings -> Web -> Identity Safe -> Password & Security options how is your Password security configured?

You can change there to four options:

- Ask for password once after windows login

- Ask for password before every filling

- Auto logout after X minutes

- No password /auto login/

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Re: Auto Fill and Auto Logon


Adding to Zoli's post, please make sure the norton toolbar is enabled in the browser where you try to auto-fill or auto-login.

If its not enabled already, please enable the norton toolbar from the browser addons and then try.



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Re: Auto Fill and Auto Logon

Hi fredcampo1,

Welcome to the Norton Community.

Just one thing to add. If you are using the auto logout after X minutes option which PapauZ mentioned, be aware that there is a bug with NIS which causes you to be logged out of ID safe after X minutes of not using anything related to ID safe.

E.g., even if you are using your computer but are not using ID safe, you will be logged out after the number of minutes you have configured.

The only feasible workaround for this is to use the option to only ask for password after initial Windows login.

Symantec is aware of this issue and I hope to see a fix before too long.

Please see the following thread for details on this issue.


Hope this helps.

Best wishes.


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