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Transfer 360 to new computer

I have a new computer, and I want to transfer 360.  A Norton chatter told me that he would set it up in my account, but it appears to me that nothing was done to my account.  So I downloaded a 30-day trial version expecting to be able to input my product key, but I can't figure out how.  Now I have a 30-day trial that wants renewal as well as an active subscription, and I am concerned that my 360 will disappear after my trial expires.

Any help appreciated.



Re: Transfer 360 to new computer

Hi Hank,

Is your current subscription a 3PC version?  How many PC's have you got it installed on?

Log in to https://www.mynortonaccount.com/amsweb/default.do.  This will show any available activations.

If you have any available installations left,  open N360,  on the bottom is a Renew button.  Click that and enter your key.

If you have used all of your activations and require N360 on your new system,  then you will have to contact Customer Support.  http://www.norton.com/chat.

Let us know how you get on.

Thanks,  Dave.

A little bit of knowledge is... well a little bit of knowledge.

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