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Firefox 10 Support for Norton Toolbar

Mozilla has released Firefox 10, and we have released a Norton Toolbar Compatibility Update to ensure compatibility between Firefox 10 and the Norton Toolbar. This update will be distributed to Norton Internet Security 2012 and 2011 via LiveUpdate.

For this update release, you will need to be running Norton Internet Security 19.5 or 18.7. We recommend that you run LiveUpdate and reboot until you are running either of those versions, then run LiveUpdate again to receive this Norton Toolbar Compatibility Update.

To check if you've already received the update, launch Firefox and click Tools > Add- ons and select the Extensions tab. The versions for this compatibility update are as follows:

Norton Internet Security 2012 (19.5)

Norton Toolbar2012.6.0.1

Symantec Intrusion Prevention10.1.0.68 - 1

Norton Internet Security 2011 (18.7)

Norton Toolbar2011.7.5.2

Symantec Intrusion Prevention10.1.0.68 - 1

You may need to click on Enable in the Tools/Add-ons/Extensions section of Firefox, and then restart Firefox. 

NOTE: If you are not able to update to Norton Internet Security 18.7, we recommend that you update to version 19.1 (free update with valid subscription) then run LiveUpdate to receive the 19.5 patch. Once that's installed, you can run LiveUpdate again to receive the Firefox 10 compatibility patch.