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Norton 360 won't start

I currently use Windows 7 (64 bit) Professional (all updates installed)

I've had Norton 360 for about 4 months and didn't have this problem until recently.

One day, I noticed that Norton 360 didn't turn on at the startup.

I tried to open Norton 360 manually by double clicking on the desktop icon. Nothing happened.

The support website suggested removing Norton 360 using removal tool and reinstalling it.

So I removed and reinstalled, and 360 worked for a brief moment. 

However, when I restarted the computer, it didn't turn on at the startup, and I couldn't open the program manually either.

So I repeated the removal and reinstallation process.

Again, Norton 360 came back on briefly but stopped working when I restarted the computer.

I've now tried "remove and reinstall" 4 times, but same thing happens everytime - restarting the computer renders 360 inoperable.

Can someone please help me with this? 



Re: Norton 360 won't start


  Welcome to Norton Community. Do you have any other Security Program in your computer?

What security Program you had before N360 and how did you removed it?

Type cmd in start->right click on cmd run as administrator->type fltmc hit enter and post the entries in your next post.


Re: Norton 360 won't start

My computer came pre-installed with Norton Internet Security (trial version).

When the trial period ended, I decided to upgrade to Norton 360 instead of renewing Norton Internet Security.

I believe the Norton Internet Security was automatically removed when I used Norton 360 installer to install 360.

Below is what I got after typing in the commands as instructed.

Filter Name               Num Instances                Altitude               Frame

BHDrvx64                            5                                365100                0

eeCtrl                                   5                                329010                0

SymEFA                               6                                260600                0

luafv                                     1                                 135000                0

FileInfo                                 6                                45000                  0


Re: Norton 360 won't start


   Please follow the steps in the below link


to remove the N360 and install it back again.


Re: Norton 360 won't start

I followed all of the above instructions but still no luck.

After I ran LiveUpdate and all updates are downloaded, it gave me  a prompt saying "need to restart in order to apply updates." 

So I clicked on "restart now" button, computer restarted, but N360 again failed to turn on at the startup, and I can't manually open N360 either.

Please help!


Re: Norton 360 won't start


   Start -> type cmd -> right click -> Run as administrator -> type chkdsk c: /r /f -> y -> Restart -> allow the check disk to run

Before that

   Computer -> Organize -> Folder and Search options -> View -> select show Hidden files and Remove the check mark next to Show hidden Operating system Files -> Apply -> ok

   Goto C: -> Users -> %username% ->  Appdata -> Local -> Norton ->Attach the text file cedurl.txt in your next post.


Re: Norton 360 won't start

Followed the above instructions but don't see "norton" folder

Below is what I got


Re: Norton 360 won't start

Are you checking after removing Norton?


Re: Norton 360 won't start

No, N360 is currently installed on my computer.

I checked after I re-installed the N360.


Re: Norton 360 won't start

Okay. Did you ran nrt and ran the check disk?


Re: Norton 360 won't start

Okay, I just repeated the entire process again.


I ran uninstall program in control pantel to remove Norton 360,

plus I removed all the files that I was instructed to remove, and ran the removal tool,

re-installed the Norton 360,

ran the Norton 360 after re-installation (e.g., did a quick scan),

ran LiveUpdate,

restarted the computer,

logged onto windows (At this point, Norton 360 fails to turn on after I log on, and even when I try to do it manually),

did chkdsk,

restarted the computer,

allowed computer to go through check disk,

logged onto windows (again, Norton 360 fails to turn on), and

looked for Norton folder in the Local folder, but couldn't find one.  The above screen shot is what I get.

This is really weird.  Only time Norton 360 works is just after the download and installation...

Once the computer is restarted, Norton 360 is dead...

Okay, I just clicked on "Get Support" button and below is what I get:

 And after I click on "Begin Support Session" button, I get:

When I click on "Launch Support Web Site" button, it leads me to a website that instructs me to do bunch of things. I did every single one of them, but still doesn't solve the problem...



Re: Norton 360 won't start


Okay. Did you ran nrt and ran the check disk?

I wanted you to run NRT and then run the check disk as i mentioned in my previous post.

   If you don't want to perform more troubleshooting by yourself you can contact our support from here anytime they will be able to connect to your computer and will help you resolve the problem. I really appreciate your patience and i'm very sorry for the inconvenience.

Edit: Forgot to ask you one thing, is this a rented PC?


Re: Norton 360 won't start

I told you I ran the NRT before running chkdsk in my previous post.

Not rented. Bought from Lenovo.

Called the technical support to no avail.

Solved the problem myself by resetting my computer to factory setting and reinstallng the 360.

Thanks for the help anyway.


Re: Norton 360 won't start

I had the same error 8504,104; and also 3052,2 with Norton v5.1.0.29 on Vista Business (Netherlands version) around January 31, 2012..

I found, or better say, happened to come to a solution without going back to factory settings. See below.

I contacted Norton Support and chatted with two case managers/supervisors.

Their solutions (Remove and Reinstall Norton 360, also in safe mode with networking; remove conflicting antivirus software) didn't help.

Norton 360 works fine after the reinstall, but once the LiveUpdate is performed manually and the PC is restarted as required, the error shows up in a window and this window with the error cannot be closed.

One supervisor asked for help from an engineer of the Symantect Engineering Support Team.  This engineer called back to me and removed all kinds of traces of remnants of antivirus software (McAfee, Norton, Symantec, Avg, Webroot) and Malwarebytes-Antimalware software, also in the registry. All to no avail. So the engineer said that he would look up the error and call back the next day.

After this conversation I needed a working version of Norton 360.

As a workaround, I tried to remove and reinstall Norton 360 with the tool NRnR.exe and to avoid performing a manual LiveUpdate.

First, this remove and reinstall of Norton 360 led to a hang up of the removal process when it tried to save the user settings. Also in safe mode.

Therefore I downloaded the Norton Removal tool.

This tool was then used to remove the English version of Norton 360.

After the removal, Norton provided a link to download Norton 360. This appeared to be Netherlands version of Norton 360.

I installed this version and didn't perform a LiveUpdate.

The same Symantec engineer called back again (on February 6).  He hasn't told me what the errors mean. Instead, he wanted that I again did a manual LiveUpdate. However, I insisted that the anti-tamper protection was temporarily unchecked and that as much as possible LiveUpdates would be performed before doing the restart. In this way I got a working Norton 360, even after doing several manual LiveUpdates

The Symantec engineer suggested that the Netherlands version may not have this issue. On the other hand , unchecking the anti-tamper protection and repeatedly performing manual LiveUpdates before doing a restart may also be the solution.

This had worked for at least one day. The errors haven't shown up again (I keep my fingers crossed after every LiveUpdate).


Re: Norton 360 won't start

It worked for 2 days, then I got an errors like 3040,20063 and 3040,20011 with the Netherlands version.

I used a system restore to go back to February 7.

But this worked only for one day.

So I had to remove Norton 360 with the Norton Removal tool and I reinstalled the Norton 360 English version.

Then I ran a full system scan. And that yielded an error 3052,2  when I restarted the system.

That error always reappeared even after I closed the error window. Very annoying.

So I again used a system restore point.

And a next restart the error 3052,2 appeared again, but the error window didn't reappear after it was closed.

I hope that the Symantec engineering team or development team will soon come with a fix or update to repair the unstable situation and to keep their customers happy.


Re: Norton 360 won't start

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