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Quiet mode and silent mode

I understand how to stop and start these features, but I cannot find information on exactly what these modes do? Specifically: There are times when I want all background tasks to totally stop running (and use zero CPU time and disk resources). For example: When I am copying very large files (like 100 GB - system drive images, etc.) or when I run a full checkdisk on a large drive (2 TB) - that can take several hours. Does silent / quiet mode stop the Norton background tasks, or do they still run in the background silently, without popup windows that inform the user of their actions. I also have difficulty understanding the exact difference between quiet mode and silent mode. Your website explains in detail how to invoke silent and quiet mode, but it can really explain the EXACT nature of these features a little better for the sake of slow brains, like mine :-)

Thanks for your help.


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Re: Quiet mode and silent mode

Open Norton Antivirus/Internet Security click on Support at upper right and click on help. A web page opens up to a support/frequently asked questions page. On the reight side of that page click on Product Manuals, select the manual for whatever software you have and download it.

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Re: Quiet mode and silent mode

Hi neels:

Welcome to the Norton Community!

Here is an excellent Support Page for you to review which clarifies Silent Mode vs. Quiet Mode - click here.

It is a bit deep. Basically...

If you place NIS in Silent Mode for let's say 4 hours, so you can backup your computer, all Alerts will be suppressed and Background Tasks suspended. However, these relate mostly to scans - if there is a threat, NIS Auto-Protect will still kick in keeping you fully protected. Quiet Mode relates to Media Center recording and Disk Burning which are very CPU-IO intensive in nature. Background activities are suppressed in this mode, as well.

They both work together at times to allow you the most CPU and IO availability, letting you do your stuff (yes, this includes gaming) while being adequately protected, as mentioned above. Note that Silent Mode cannot be left on permanently, since NIS does need to do it's occasional scans and perform Live Updates for your continued security.

Should you have further questions about these modes and/or need advice on how to use both modes in a given situation, please feel free to post them here in this thread.

Hope this helps answer your general questions.


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