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Adware.Webwise detected?

This morning when we turned on our laptop a popup that looks like it could be from Norton saying it detected Adware.Webwise on our computer. My husband recently had something similar pop up on his work laptop that was fake, so we were a bit suspicious. I ran a full system scan and it said there were no threats detected. The same thing happened when I ran Norton Eraser. So my question is, is this a real threat or an attempt by some malicious software?

Here's the popup as it appears on my desktop:

Thanks for your help.



Re: Adware.Webwise detected?

Hello kamitchell

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I would suggest a  full scan with SuperAntiSpyware and see if that picks up anything.

Here is a free on demand antimalware scanner. It is safe to use on demand with your Norton product.


Here is another site you can use to get the program.


The download button is on the right hand side. Please be careful not to download Spyware Doctor which is on the left side. Also, please don't forget to update the program each time before use of it. In fact you can update it every day just in case some malware may prevent you from updating it.

Please come back and let us know if it found anything. Thanks.

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Re: Adware.Webwise detected?

You may also try Norton Power Eraser tool to make sure that the computer is free from threats:




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Re: Adware.Webwise detected?

Hi All,

Norton did a full scan of my computer today and I got the same thing.  From what I read about Adware.Webwise it's just a type of tracking cookie.

According to Norton/Symantec's website:

"Adware.Webwise is an advertising service that analyzes Web traffic from a user and sends tailored advertisements when visiting participating Web sites. The service is hosted by the Internet Service Provider and does not require an application to be installed on the computer."



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