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Discounted Norton 360 renewal from Bogus web-site

Hi Folks,

Just joined as I'm not sure where to else to take this so apologies if this is in any way out of line with forum rules.

I purchased a 12 month Norton 360 licence today for a price of £29.99, which seemed good value.

Site looked OK took me thru PAYPAL payment and  then offerred up a THank you page that looked bogus (poor spelling etc) and referred me to a non-symantec style 'Gmail' support email address that really really looks bogus.

[removed email address]

Now I've received (via a gmail email) a legit (but expired  ) US renewal code & install instructions that include an invitation to contact them for any support needs.

However,  I am now fairly certain that I've been scammed and am disinclined to do anything other than complain to PAYPAL and pursue a refund.

Any one else experience this or any thoughts / suggestions as to where I should take this would be appreciated.

I have the web-site URL and can upload some other identifying details if advised to do so.


a Newbie.



Re: Discounted Norton 360 renewal from Bogus web-site

Hello Brett_Cullen

Welcome to the Community

I am sorry to hear that you appear to have been scammed. Please contact Norton using the free chat program and give them all the details.

.Please contact the free chat program by using this link.



Please come back and let us know how you made out. Thanks.

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