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Identity Safe export & import

I want to copy my logins for "Identity Safe" from one computer to another. Does anyone know how to do it? I am running Internet Security 2012, and I do not think Norton's instructions are correct at this address.




Re: Identity Safe export & import

Hello eplummer and welcome!

A number of changes have been made to Identity Safe in the 2012 version and the instruction you have are for previous versions.

There are some very good tutorials located here

You'll discover all the new features of Identity Safe in the tutorials under "How to use Norton Toolbar".

This information is also available from within your NIS 2012 product by clicking the ? in the various Settings sections.  For the tutorials, open the main NIS user interface > Support > Tutorials.

Hope that helps!

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Re: Identity Safe export & import


Open NIS 2012 from desktop, Click on Settings->Web->Identity safe

Here you can find the options for Export & Import. Just login to your identity safe profile and goto this Identity Safe settings page, click on the configure buttong pertaining to Export, a window would open, just keep the default options and click on Browse to select the path where you want to save the data. Setting a password for the file is an optional choice, user preference.

Once you have the data exported, you can copy it into a pen drive or removable storage device. Goto the second machine where you want to import the data, follow the same navigation and open the Identity safe settings page. This time click on the configure button of Import and just select the location in the removable device. If you have the password set for the file, just enter the password and that would do. You Identity safe data is imported in the second machine.



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