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Full System Scan error

I recently installed Norton Internet Security 2012 on my PC running Windows 7.  When I open Norton and select the option to do a full system scan, the scan window shows (in red):   Error During Scan.    This happens after rebooting my system.  If I again select the full system scan option without rebooting, nothing happens (I don't get the scan window or the error message).

If I select Quick Scan, that works ok.

I previously had Norton Internet Security 2011 installed and I did not have any problems with the full system scan.

Thanks for your help.



Accepted Solution

Re: Full System Scan error

Hi Rockydean,

Welcome to Norton Community!

Sorry for the trouble you have with full system scan. Please check in Security History and verify if there are any error logged for the Full System Scan. You may be able to find the error number and module from the details, which might be helpful for us in determining the issue.

In meantime, you can restart the computer in Safe Mode, & double-click Norton icon to run a full system scan. Check if it run the scans or detects any threats. If the problem persists, restart the computer to normal mode and try Norton Power Eraser:


If the NPE also didn't detect any problems, then you may have to uninstall/reinstall your NIS 2012 using Norton Remove & Reinstall tool:


Let us know how it goes.




Re: Full System Scan error

I ran the Norton Remove & Reinstall tool.   Now everything is working the way it shouild.   Thank you very much for your help and quick response.


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