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How do I add a different product key to an existing installation?

I ended up buying see boxed version of Nis 2012 instead of extending my existing installation because it's cheaper.  I know there's a way to add a different product key to an existing installation but I can't find how to do it.  Does anyone else know how to do it?  I have the subscription information for the new package in my Norton account after doing the first installation on a new PC.




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Re: How do I add a different product key to an existing installation?

Hello Msradell and I hope I can answer your question.  I have NIS2011 so I am giving my answer based on that version.  First off, since you would be entering a new product key, it will erase any days you had remaining from your old product key.  If you do erase your previous days, the on-line chat people have been very good about getting your days back.   When you have a day or two left on your old subscription, open your Norton window and click on the "renew" tab at the bottom of the screen.  This should bring up a renewal screen that you would enter your new key at the bottom of the screen.  I think this will only renew your NIS2011 version.  You would then have to update to the newer NIS2012.


Re: How do I add a different product key to an existing installation?

hi Msradell ,

        one more thing in addtional to the steps which PC_confused  mentioned  , make sure that you have the same NIS product installed.. if it is a different product then you have to unistall it and install the product which you have bought ...

additional information : if you have the same product key, do the steps as PC_confused has mentioned , but when you do a upgrade from 2011 to 2012 make sure you have the correct system requirements or other wise , you will end with issue..


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Re: How do I add a different product key to an existing installation?

Hello Msradell

You can update to NIS 2012 without using the boxed cd. If you use this link, it will give you a newer version of NIS 2012 than is on the static cd. You could upgrade now with a current subscription and use the key from your NIS 2011. The day before that key expires, then you can enter the new key into NIS 2012 by clicking on the Renew and then the line that says you have a key or code to enter. If you are having no problems with NIS 2011, you can install it right over the top of NIS 2011. First though, please back up your Identity Safe file.

Link for NIS 2012

www.norton.com/nis12 (Norton Internet Security 2012)

Please remember to run live update to get all updates and then reboot once more. Thanks.

(thanks to Yaso for the links.

Please come back and let us know how you made out. Thanks.

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