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Help! Accidentally deleted partition on Media Drive

I accidentally deleted the partition on my secondary drive I used to store all my pictures, music, movies, etc.  I have not done anything to the drive since deleting the partition using Win 7 install (haven't recreated a partition, formatted, etc.)

I currently do not use any norton products on my system.  Is there a Norton product that can restore this partition with no data loss??

I've googled plenty about this, but it's hard to trust these no-name data restoration programs.

My wife is gonna kill me if I can't recover these pictures (75+GB)





Re: Help! Accidentally deleted partition on Media Drive

You really shouldn't need a data recovery program at this point, the first thing to try is a partition recovery tool.

If you can put the partition boundries back in the exact same place they were, then bang, all your data will reappear just like nothing happened.

I made a post here about using a free tool called partition wizzard to recover a lost or deleted partition and I even included several screen shots but I can't seem to find it now?

If you can hold off a half hour or so, I'll look for it some more.  I got to take care of something else first.



Re: Help! Accidentally deleted partition on Media Drive


How did you delete the partition? Disk Management? Or during an Install?

As Dave said, an Undelete tool should fix it.


Re: Help! Accidentally deleted partition on Media Drive

I deleted the partition during a fresh install of win 7.  I was deleting the partitions of the drive I wanted to install win7 to and I got carried away.  It wasn't until the damage was done that I noticed the difference between disk 0 and disk 1.

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Re: Help! Accidentally deleted partition on Media Drive

I'm sure you can get it back. Wait until Dave finds his tutorial.

When a partition is deleted it is just deleted from the partition table. The data remains on the HD. As long as you don't delete the boot sector (the first sector in the partition) an Undelete tool can find the boot sector and recreate the partition in the partition table.

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Re: Help! Accidentally deleted partition on Media Drive

I can't find the post I made but I still have my screenshots uploaded and approved.

Go here and get "partition wizzard" it is free for home use.  You can go ahead and install the free version or you can download and use the bootable CD, either one should work.


They also have a little tutorial here but I will go ahead and give you a few tips.


Run the program and go to Wizzard > Partition Recovery Wizzard:

Make sure you select the right disk on the next screen:

I don't have a shot of the next screen, but it asks you if you want to do a quick scan or a full scan of the drive.

Quick scan should be fine.

After it does the scan you will see a screen like this:

In my example here, it's only showing one possible configuration for the deleted partition.

You may end up with more than one, but don't select any boxes yet.  If your drive had a single partion on it, chances are the starting point of the correct configuration would be 63 or 2048.

If you click the line right where my pointer is you will be able to "browse" the drive using that partition alignment.

Don't check the box, just click the line where I am pointing to and you get a box like this:

In this case, everything appears like it was before so I know that setting is the correct one.

If the box came up empty, or if all the file and folder names were gibberish, it would be the wrong configuration and you would need to try another one if your list shows more than one possible configuration.

If your able to "see" the data correctly, close this box and on the previous screen, check the box to the left of the line you selected and click finish.

Close the program, and reboot the system for the changes to take effect.

Best of luck,


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Re: Help! Accidentally deleted partition on Media Drive

Worked perfectly.  

Thank you very much!!!


Re: Help! Accidentally deleted partition on Media Drive

I'm very glad it worked, it truly sucks to loose important data.   If you look at everything on that drive you might find somethings that are irreplaceable.   Hard drives always fail sooner or later and you should never keep "all your eggs in one basket".

If the data is important to you , the only way to be safe is to keep it backed up on another drive.

You have to ask yourself if all that data is worth the price of another hard drive, like an external USB drive that you can keep a second copy of everything.

I have actually seen people cry when they lost all there pictures of there children they have taken over the years and the price of another drive would have been cheep insurance to prevent loosing everything important to them.

I'm very glad it worked out for you,



Re: Help! Accidentally deleted partition on Media Drive

Let me add an 'amen' to Dave's advice/recommendation/encouragement to BACK UP  your important data/pictures/music/etc. After it's gone I'm sure that an offer of an external drive that contains all of the data you lost would be cheap if the price were the current market price with an extra zero before the decimal. I keep a second backup of the things that I consider REALLY important. My wife helps me there by telling me what's 'really' important.

Stay well and surf safe

Dick Win 10x64 10586 current NSBU

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