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Windows 8 Compatibility

Microsoft has begun distributing pre-release versions of it's upcoming operating system "Windows 8". 

We do not officially support Windows 8 as it has yet to be released in it's final form. We are currently developing compatibility and plan to support Windows 8 for most of our major products prior to the final release of Windows 8.

We have done preliminary testing with pre-release builds of Windows 8 and the latest versions of Norton Internet Security, Norton AntiVirus, and Norton 360, and while they may be semi-compatible with the builds of Windows 8 that were available to us when those versions were released; they are not officially supported. 

If you are testing pre-release versions of Windows 8, we invite you to test the latest releases of our security products as well.

We have created a board for the discussion of Windows 8 compatibility and feedback on any issues that might be found. Feel free to post any and all queries about Windows 8 and Norton on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview Compatibility Board

For more information on Norton compatibility with Windows 8, see http://us.norton.com/windows8/promo.

Please note that running Norton Security Products on Windows 8 pre-release should only be done for testing purposes. 

We look forward to your feedback!