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Product key vs 60 day free trial

I just bought a new HP laptop which included a paid 15 Month subscription to Norton Antivirus

The Norton instruction card that came in the laptop box had instructions and a Product Key on it

- but the instructions listed on the card to set it up did not match the Norton installation options on my laptop.

Essentially the only option I could choose was the 60 day free trial...there was no way to enter the product key

SO...when my 60-day free period is over can I enter my 15-month subscription product key into the same product I am using

OR... will I have to uninstall the free trial version of Norton and re-install a new version to get the product key to work?



Re: Product key vs 60 day free trial

You won't need to uninstall it, you just need to enter the key.  But keep in mind when you enter the key you will loose any remaining trial days so you may want to wait till your 60 days are up.

I have a screenshot here for a preinstalled HP system.   It may be a little different, I think this was NIS 2012.

On the bottom of the main screen, right next to where it shows how many days are remaining, click the word "renew".

It will bring up a screen like this:

You want to click that link that says "I have a key or code to enter".

Then you get a box to enter your key.

Don't enter it now though, click the close buttons to cancell.



Re: Product key vs 60 day free trial

Hello elliotr

Welcome to the Community

It does seem odd that HP would include a paid  15 month subscription as our subscriptions usually come as 1 year or 2 years or 3 years.  The free trial periods are usually 1 or 2 months.  That would add up to 14 months. I would suggest contacting HP and check with them to see how this is supposed to work. Perhaps they have a special deal with Norton. I am wondering about this product key that is supposed to be for 15 months. You could also check with customer support with the free chat program and ask about that key you have. I have seen other threads in the Forum about HP and 15 month   subscriptions, but I haven't seen these threads as solved. Since the instructions don't match what is on your computer, I would check it out.

.Please contact the free chat program by using this link.



If you can't get a satisfactory response from them, then please check it out with HP. I'm concerned about that 15 month key being accepted when the time comes for activation.

Please come back and let us know how you made out. Thanks.

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Re: Product key vs 60 day free trial

It really is a 15 month key, not including the trial period.  HP is a very good customer for Symantec.


It doesn't show up very well in IE, but click the "Specs" and check out what it says right above 15 months.



Re: Product key vs 60 day free trial


Just ot avoid problems later if you hve technical questions or even about the key -- Is it Norton AntiVirus or Norton Internet Security? My recollection is that HP tends to supply Norton Internet Security so it's important for you to know since the keys are not compatible between different versions.

As Dave says HP does do some unusual subscriptions but if you've a question about using the KEY I'd be inclined to cross check with them but if in doubt don't apply the key until they system starts nagging you about renewing which is usually a few weeks before it expires. Then I'd apply it since that will give you time to sort things out if it misbehaves -- when the subscription runs out there is absolutely no protection any more.


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