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searchnu has taken over my firefox home page, as well as my google chrome home page. I looked it up, most of the other posts about it have been within the last 3 days (today is 03/06/2012). I can't find anything on Norton's site. I've updated my software & activated NIS, etc. restarted my computer several times. I'm doing a full system scan now.

I think I got it when I was trying to find a TV episode. CBS stopped showing full episodes of "Person of Interest". Someone suggested a TV viewing site & provided a link to the latest episodes. I clicked on "watch now" as opposed to "install video viewer" it installed the viewer anyway. I imediately removed the installed software.

Today when I started my computer, my home pages were gone & replaced with http://www.searchnu.com/406.

It kind of looks like a google search home page, but isn't. I reloaded my home tabs in firefox & saved them as my home pages. They worked this time. Chrome still goes to searchnu, but I haven't tried to reset it yet. It appears to be some sort of malware that may be hacking other things too.

It just seems to be so new there is not much info on it. Seems strange that Norton didn't detect it, or that nothing shows up in a search on Norton's site. I haven't tried tech support yet. Just spent the last 3 hours updating Norton 360 & restarting my computer over & over. Haven't been able to get any work done yet. Norton 360 is still scanning & I need to restart my computer again!

I figured I would post this in case other's start having the same issue.


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Re: http://www.searchnu.com/406

A scan using Malwarebytes free scanner found here: http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/malwarebytes_free

is a great way to get a second opinion about how clean a system is. The free version is Norton compatible so keep it on the desktop and use it sort of regularly.

Hope this helps

Dick Win 10x64 10586 current NSBU

Re: http://www.searchnu.com/406

My comoputer was also infected.  Norton internet security did not help. I searched the internet looking for an answer but did not get one.

I believe it started after I loaded ilivid

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Re: http://www.searchnu.com/406

Unnstall ILivid and then remove the Extensions and reset the search engine in the likes of google chrome.


Download OTL   hxxp://oldtimer.geekstogo.com/OTL.exe   (change the hxxp to http) save it to your Desktop.

Double click on OTL.exe to run it.  Right click OTL.exe and select run as administator for Vista and Win 7.

Click the Scan All Users checkbox.

Change file age to 60 days

Press the 


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