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SONAR Advanced Protection.

So, I keep getting a message on m norton 360 that I am not protected by SONAR advenced protection. I have tried going into settings and turning it on, but every time I do, it shuts back off. What can I do to fix this? I have rum the full scans on my comp. I ahve no viruses or malware.



Re: SONAR Advanced Protection.


please follow the steps

1 )  check for any other antivirus software , if yes then it will conflict with norton , try to remove it, then restart the computer --> open the norton product --> click fix now --> if still not working , then go to step 2

2) run the Norton Power Eraser (NPE)  , you can download the tool here download NPE .. run the tool --> if no risk found --> run the live update in norton --> restart the computer --> if it is not working then go to step 3

3) in this step you will have to reinstall the norton , go to the link click here , to run norton removal & reinstall tool --> follow the instruction , it is an automated tool that will remove and reinstall the norton

if you have any doubt , pleasereply the post



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Re: SONAR Advanced Protection.

if the link is not working , go to the website

to download NPE --> visit  www.norton.com/npe

to remove & reinstall norton --> visit www.norton.com/nrnr

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