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Firefox 11 Support for Norton Toolbar

UPDATE: The Firefox 11 compatibility patch is available via LiveUpdate for N360 2011 (5.2)


We presently support the recent release of Firefox 11 with our latest version of our Norton Toolbar included with the Norton 360 release. Additionally, we have released a Firefox 11 compatibility patch for Norton 360, which is available via LiveUpdate.

If you are running Norton 360, then your Norton Toolbar is already compatible with Firefox 11.

The versions for this compatibility update are as follows:

Norton 360 6.1

Norton Toolbar2012.5.2.5

Norton Vulnerability Protection10.1.0.68 - 2

Norton 360 5.2

Norton Toolbar2011.7.6.3

Norton Vulnerability Protection10.1.0.68 - 2

We recommend that you have the latest version of Norton 360 installed. If you are not seeing the Norton Toolbar in Firefox 11, check and make sure you're running Please see this annoucement for more information on obtaining Norton 360

If you are running Firefox 11 (final release) and Norton 360 (2012) and still do not see the Norton Toolbar, please check and ensure the Norton Toolbar plugin is enabled. You can do this by clicking on the Firefox menu, selecting Add-ons, and then clicking Enable next to Norton Toolbar.

If you're running N360 and are not seeing the toolbar, run LiveUpdate to download and install the patch, then restart your system for the changes to take effect.

Please note: We now only officially support Firefox 9.0 and above. Firefox 8.x and older are no longer supported. See this announcement for more information.