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Norton Toolbar on Google Chrome disappeared

Sorry for my English, I'm from Brazil.

I had to restore my system (Windows 7-32 bits); as a consequence NIS 2012 became totally outdated.

I updated it until I was fully protected, but the toolbar disappeared. It is visible on IEx8, but not on Google Chrome Version 17.0.963
I did check all the Google Chrome and Norton settings, they are OK, everything is activated, the toolbar SHOULD be there - but isn't!
What can I do besides panic?
Thank you very much!!! 
(I found answers at the Forum for Firefox, but not for Chrome). 



Re: Norton Toolbar on Google Chrome disappeared


Just goto Tools->Extensions and check if the Norton Toolbar is added to the chrome extensions. If its available and enabled, then browse to any URL and then check if the toolbar is visible? In Chrome, Toolbar will not be visible in the home page and it would appear only when you browse to any URL. This is the design from Chrome.



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