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Norton 360 not working

So I have norton 360 and I am using windows 7.

Anyway in the bottom right corner of my window. I get this notification

Anyhow from clicking that I get this

I goto turn on now

I click the "Yes, I trust the publisher and want to run this program" and nothing happens.

I goto run Norton 360 on its own and it doesnt run, so I try run as administrator and this is the only thing that loads

Tried going onto the uninstall or change program screen through control panel to see if I could find Norton, found it but it wont allow me to change or uninstall. I am guessing the version I got is and from the 11/6/2011 is when I installed it so my subscription is still valid. Ive been attempting to find my product key but am unable to at the moment.

So any suggestions to getting this fixed?


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Re: Norton 360 not working

have you tried to reboot the computer  sometimes this helps, or did you try to upgrade to version 6


Re: Norton 360 not working

Hi Andy

     Welcome. If the above suggestion is not working, please download the Norton Remove & Reinstall Tool from here that'll help to remove the corrupted files and re-installs the Norton.

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