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Redirect Virus - click.findsearchengineresults.com

I have read several posts on this subject as I am too infected by this virus on my desktop.  When doing searches on google using Firefox, I have been redirected to several sites, the last of which being - click.findsearchengineresults.com.  I have the most recent version of NIS and ran a scan but, as stated here in several places, that did not do anything.  I also ran a Spydoctor scan to no avail.  Here are my questions:

(1) Is Norton going to have a solution to this problem through NIS or another product or will I need to take care of it through other means (and with much assistance)?  I have the luxury of being able to use a laptop and iPad for awhile, and can wait to use this desktop again if there is going to be a fix through Norton.

(2) If there is not going to be a fix through NIS or other Norton products, what steps should I take?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.