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Norton 360 v5 won't turn on

My Action Center is consistently giving me two Security warnings: "Spyware and unwanted software protection: Windows Defender and Norton 360 both report that they are turned off" and "Virus Protection: Norton 360 reports that it is turned off".  I'm given the chance to turn Norton 360 under both warnings, which leads to Windows asking permission to run "C:\Program Files (x86)\Norton 360\Engine\\WSCStub.exe".  Clicking "yes" causes cursor arrow to "think" for 1 second but Norton 360 doesn't turn on.

I've tried rebooting without success.  I've downloaded Norton's updated definitions up through today.  I cannot open the user interface from the shortcut on my desktop.  I cannot find any Norton or Symantec programs running in my task manager.  It seems my updated version of Norton 360 is v5.2.0.13 (which is inconsistent with the file for the .exe above).

Win 7 Professional, 64bit, SP1 and updates current

This is licensed for three computers- the other two computers are running fine; this is my only Windows 7 usage, though.

This is a new computer.  Trial AV software was uninstalled before installing N360 v5.0 from disc (which is across the ocean with my parents).

Any ideas?


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Re: Norton 360 v5 won't turn on

Hello moofly and welcome!

I am sorry to hear of your issue.  First, you should make sure that Windows defender is off when using Norton 360. You should not be running any other real time security program in conjunction with Norton 360.

Does your computer show any signs of infection?  Slowness, browser redirects or any odd behavior?  If so, we need to deal with that before proceeding.

What Trial AV software was on your machine and how was it uninstalled?  If not done so already, you may have use that company's removal utility to completely rid the computer of any remnants. Let us know as we can direct you to the specific tool if needed.

If your computer is not displaying any signs of malware and the previous security program was completely removed, then proceed with the following:

Since you are having a problem with your current product, I would recommend a complete uninstall and then update to Norton 360v6.  With a valid subscription, you are eligible for this at no charge.  You will not need the CD, just possibly your activation code.

Although some of these procedures may seem redundant, please execute each step.

    • Download and Save the Norton Removal Tool to your desktop.
    • Download and Save Norton 360v6 Standard to your desktop.
    • If you have N360v6 Premiere with 25 GB online storage, download from here
    • Be sure your Local Backups are stored on external media or uploaded to Online Storage to ensure they remain intact
    • For temporary protection, turn on your Windows Firewall
    • Back up your Identity Safe Data to a convenient location. Have your product key handy
    • Be sure to jot down any passwords used with 360 (Backup and Identity Safe)
    • Uninstall your current Norton Version via Add-Remove Programs or Programs and Features
    • If prompted, select the option to Remove all user data... - see image from NIS 2011 here
    • Restart your computer when prompted
    • After the restart, run the Norton Removal Tool
    • Restart your computer when prompted
    • Right click on the N360 Installer and select “Run As Administrator” (XP users just double click)
    • If prompted, enter your product key and set up your Norton account
    • Check that Norton has turned OFF the Windows Firewall
    • Run Live Update a few times until no more definitions are available.

For your convenience I have attached printable instructions.

"Anyone who isn't confused really doesn't understand the situation."   Edward R. Murrow

Re: Norton 360 v5 won't turn on

EDIT: a more qualified response was posted while writing my own. Please disregard this :)-- --Hi, --Is N360 accessible from the Start menu? If N360 will not start, a reinstall may be necessary. Do you have a broadband Internet connection? If you do not have access the installation disc, you will have to download the software (if you are reinstalling, of course). To reinstall N360, this may help: Note: If you use Identity Safe, I believe the local information will be deleted, back up if possible. I believe the current version of N360, v6, will be installed. -- You could use the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool, at www.norton.com/nrnr --otherwise, see these pages:-- https://www-secure.symantec.com/norton-support/jsp/help-solutions.jsp?docid=v15972972_N360_N360OEM_6_en_us&lg=english&ct=united+states&product=home&version=1&pvid=f-home And -- https://www-secure.symantec.com/norton-support/jsp/help-solutions.jsp?docid=kb20071130124653EN_EndUserProfile_en_us&lg=english&ct=united%20states&product=home&version=1&pvid=f-home --apologies on the condensed text, there is an issue that causes my posts to do this (posting from mobile device) ---EDIT: a more qualified response was posted while writing my own. Please disregard this :)

Re: Norton 360 v5 won't turn on

Phil_D, thanks for your help.  I cannot find any hint of the previous security software and have made the upgrade to Norton 360 v6.1.2.10 per your instructions.  After installation everything openned as expected, updated definitions, etc. all just fine.

Upon reboot I cannot open the Norton 360 User Interface via desktop shortcut or start menu (the same problem I had before).  I've discovered one change.  My Action Center no longer warns the computer is unprotected and through the control panel I am told Norton 360 is now managing all of security settings.  (Windows Defender is off.)

I have a Norton gadget on the desktop that says "no connection".  I try to run Live Update from the Start Menu (by right clicking Norton shortcut) and nothing happens for about two minutes.  Then an error pops up saying, "Error Detected: The scan cannot run because Norton 360 has encountered an internal error."  A sub program called User Account Control runs asking permission to allow "Symantec Error Reporting" to run.  After a brief scan, error 8504,101 is identified.  An auto-fix is attempted with instructions to restart.  I've done the restart and have experienced the same sequence as described above.

I found a Norton bulletin on the the 8504,101 error suggesting they've seen the error associated with Lenovo (of which mine is a Lenovo) computers and a program called RapidBoot.  The link is below:


Do your resources or experience have any advice or next steps to offer from here?  Should I try the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool suggested in the bulletin or would I be ahead to study the Lenovo/RapidBoot issue first?

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Re: Norton 360 v5 won't turn on

I've uninstalled RapidBoot v1.10 from my Lenovo E520 laptop.  I can now open Norton 360 User interface and my gadget/widget on the desktop comes up saying "secure".  I think I'm back in business.

I'm working from a slow internet connection in West Africa.  I'm downloading RapidBoot v1.12 and will see if the update will allow Norton to function as normal.  I'll try to post again.

A couple of interesting links I found:



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Re: Norton 360 v5 won't turn on

Hi moofly,

It is my understanding that Norton 360 works fine after the RapidBoot 1.12 update. 

I saw some problems also on the Comcast Forum (re: Norton Security Suite on Lenovo's) and either the removal of RapidBoot or the update to V 1.12 cleared the situation up and has remained fixed.

The note in the bulletin you referenced was a result of the efforts of folks reporting this situation on these forums, and the Norton team  updating the Bulletim April 11th.

You know where to find us if you need us again.

Accepted Solution

Re: Norton 360 v5 won't turn on

Super!  You're right.  I reinstalled RapidBoot--version 1.12 this time.  Norton seems to be running just fine- interface and all.

Here's the link where I found the RapidBoot update:




Re: Norton 360 v5 won't turn on

Hi moofly,

I am glad you got that resolved and I shall make a note about the RapidBoot v1.10 on Lenovo machines.


"Anyone who isn't confused really doesn't understand the situation."   Edward R. Murrow

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