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MSE Compatibility

I used to use Norton but like many others moved to Microsoft Security Essentials. I was bewildered when I saw Symantec pan the product. You should have used it to nail all your opposition.

There are a few IT gods that stroll around their mountain and occasionally throw thunderbolts down at you mortals. Intel, Microsoft, Google. And they like to issue edicts to you. MSE was an example of one of their favourites. Adapt or die. They provide a product similar to yours for free, backed with their name. A name the user already trusts as they are using windows. To the novice, what is going to seem most compatible and work best with Microsoft Windows? Microsoft Security Essentials or Symantec Norton 360?

You and your cohorts shouldn't have dismissed or rubbished it. It made you all look frightened and unprofessional. You should all have told the world to install it. And then made your products compatible with it.

Why? Because with anti-virus it pays not to be part of the crowd. If every computer has MSE on it, if you write viruses you would have to beat MSE first or find something else to do. You should make MSE a victim of its own success. And then hence irrelevant. If all computers have MSE or Microsoft ship Windows with MSE, they are then the target. If you make a product that is both compatible with and stands alone, you make MSE pointless.

Make the first anti-virus suite to work [u]with[/u] someone else's. Software that adds an extra layer of protection and at the same time push MSE until its irrelevant because all viruses are built to beat it anyway. Of course they gave you two choices. Adapt [u]or[/u] die.


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Re: MSE Compatibility

Hi SwampPuppet,

Microsoft instructs users to remove any other security programs before installing MSE.  MSE is not designed to work alongside similar products, and using it in combination with other programs would be incorrect and detrimental to system performance and security.  For a number of reasons, you should never use more than one resident AV program.  They cannot be made to work in harmony because they both need to be performing the same actions at the same time.  Pick one that you like and trust and stay with it.

Before you install Microsoft Security Essentials, or if you want to resolve issues with Microsoft Security Essentials, including installation issues, you must first completely remove any Internet security programs from your PC.

                   -  http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/How-do-I-uninstall-antivirus-or-antispyware-programs


Re: MSE Compatibility

There actually was no instruction given when I went from vista to 8. The MS8 program uninstalled my Norton360  automatically and

 left me feeling vulnerable. There were a couple of other fairly critical programs I use daily that ended up in the same situation.

Also 3 or 4 others that didn't matter that much until it can get sorted out. I don't know what this is going to do to the length of my

current  subscription to 360 but I will cross that bridge when I come to it. MS8 also wiped out all of my adobe programs, my

skype, an unzip7, and family tree maker. I am sure there are more that I have not found disabled yet. I actually like beta

testingbut not when  it leaves me vulnerable. It also as you can see took a large chunk of my daily use programs and trashed

them. Just found my anonymous/ IP hider is gone as well as some of my system tune up programs. It is going to be a long

week. Thanks for all the help already, I will keep you posted on my results with Norton's product build. I have been using the

360 and predecessors so long I felt absolutely naked without it.



Re: MSE Compatibility

Sendofjive. Thank you for the comment. But of course Microsoft tell you to remove Norton. Its because at the moment they are not compatible.  This is why I suggested Symantec adapt their software so it doesn't interfere but compliments. Its just an observation as MSE gobbles more and more of the market share, that Norton could actually turn it to their advantage. Be the first to provide extra protection to what will likely be the default choice for most people and hence vulnerable by its own success. So it works with it to give comprehensive cover. Windows 8 is going to ship with MSE. If people have paid for an operating system that has (I will testify) a perfectly good anti-virus bundled, why would they pay for Norton? It has to be extra protection. Its a no-brainer to me ... but ho hum.

mdshunter. Thank you for the FUD. I don't know what you are trying to say but maybe you shouldn't beta test if you don't understand what the software will do? I wasn't talking about beta software. I have a valid and paid for copy of windows 7. Why would Microsoft give you a full latest operating system for free when they intend to sell it for £70+ to people like us in a few months time? Its not the finished product. I don't need tune up suits for my PC. I'm fairly computer literate and can do everything I need myself. But I won't beta test. Why would I do that for free? That's their job. I paid for the full working copy and right now its windows 7. But of course that's just personal choice. If the computer behaves erratically and you feel 'vulnerable' and 'naked' ... stop beta testing. I'm sorry this might seem like a bit of a flame, but **bleep**.

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Re: MSE Compatibility

Well, to answer your question I do it because of curiousity and because I want to learn. I admit to being somewhat behind the tech curve at my age but that will not keep me from trying. I did not understand you were talking about w7 and not 8. Since my post I have fixed almost everything and Norton is fine again.I had to work around a few things to get some of my other stuff working. Do not assume you have all the answers from one post. That is the problem with most of the tech community, they have no patience for those of us who did not grow up with it being second nature. I might sugges instead of the flame you instead think of gee, that person is really struggling, how can I help them. If more people did that regardless of the scenario we would all get along much better.