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Device Manager Software and Norton Partnership

I was looking for a driver update for a Western Digital passport driver.  It took me to Western Digital and I downloaded a device driver manager.  I installed the package - without the Norton PC-Tune Up product (I already have Norton 360) on my machine.

It was then I determined that this was a 3rd party device driver scanner and updater software.  I went to the site - but there is very little on who they are.  There used to be a free version of the same name.  Not sure they are related.

I have uninstalled the product.  No footprint left that I could find.  

There was mention in a previous set of posts, that Norton and this product were not partnered.  However, could not post to the previous thread.  Also, was not sure of the conclusion.  Is Norton partnered with this company?  They had embedded a Norton product in their install.