Norton Internet Security 2012

My annual subscription is about to run out (in 35 days) and I full intend to renew.

I use the software on 3 home computers, one of which is a hardly used netbook.

My question is this:

Do the 3 computers which I can install the software on all have to be in my home, or can I install onto a computer which I use in a small office?

I realise that if it is possible, I will have to uninstall from the netbook so that the total number is still 3 computers.


Accepted Solution

Re: Norton Internet Security 2012

You can use your software on any 3 computers you wish. You could even have a family member or a friend living anywhere using one of your activations.


Re: Norton Internet Security 2012

Thank you for that...........I will uninstall from the netbook.

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