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New on the Mac App Store - iAntivirus

Hi everyone-

Just wanted to let you know we have released a free new product to the Mac App Store: iAntivirus.  It is available now in the US, UK and Australia, and we'll be bringing it to other App Stores soon!

Here's the announcement:

The Mac team is pleased to announce the availability of iAntivirus on the Mac App Store. Building on the legacy of the popular PCTools product of the same name, this powerful on-demand virus and malware scanner provides great basic protection for Mac users through a unique UI that leverages gestures to navigate the application features. iAntivirus also scans the user's Facebook wall for malicious links for protection against online fraud.

Available on the Mac App Store

 iAntivirus is available now through the Mac App Store in the US, UK, and Australia -- Search for "antivirus" or "Symantec". Or go directly to the app on the Mac App Store:  http://bit.ly/KfiqVR.

Key Features include:

• Award-winning technology blocks threats before they damage your Mac, iPhoto® pictures, iTunes® media and other important Stuff.

• Innovative “carousel” interfaces lets you use two fingers to swipe between your home folder and full system and other scanning options.

• Lets you quickly and easily scan files by simply dragging and dropping them onto iAntivirus.

• Scans your Facebook wall for malicious links to keep you protected from online fraud

• Built for speed from the ground up, so it won’t get in the way of your Mac experience.

• Works seamlessly against Windows® threats too, to make sure the documents you share are safe for everyone.

• Updates available regularly to help detect the latest breaking threats.

• Compatible with Mac systems running OS X 10.6 through 10.7.4. 


Looking forward to hearing what you think of it.