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CCSVCHST.EXE Problem - running at full CPU


PLEASE HELP!  I am having the same problem and I have Windows XP Home Edition SP3.  My CPU usage is at 100% for minutes at a time with ccsvchst.exe.  It's driving my entire family mad!  They insist that I buy a new computer because simple daily tasks are impossibly frustrating when the machine is totaly locked up.  What can I do?

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Re: CCSVCHST.EXE Problem - running at full CPU

More information:  I am running Norton Security Suite Version provided by Comcast, my internet provider.  I noticed that my Settings had Silent Mode unchecked, so I have checked that box.  Maybe that will help.  All other boxes under Quick Controls are already checked.  Scheduling is set to "Automatic (Recommended).  I presume I could change this to "Manual Schedule" or some other time period.  Any other suggestions to help be get back control of my PC will be most welcome.

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Re: CCSVCHST.EXE Problem - running at full CPU

Hello Blackbeardrider and welcome!

I am sorry to hear of the problem you are having.  Could you answer a few questions so that we might get some background?

  1. How long has this issue been a problem?
  2. What security software did you have prior to Norton? Was it completely uninstalled?
  3. Do you have the full Constant Guard Suite installed?
  4. Do you have any other security software currently installed?
  5. Have you checked Norton Tasks during the times of high CPU usage to see which tasks are being performed?

Version 6 of the Norton Security Suite has recently been released and it might help to move to that version, but please let us know the answer to the above questions before we go that route.  Sound okay to you?


"Anyone who isn't confused really doesn't understand the situation."   Edward R. Murrow
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Re: CCSVCHST.EXE Problem - running at full CPU

Thanks for helping, Phil!

1. I contacted Norton Technical Support on January 28 because of some strange error message I was receiving from the Norton Security program running on my machine at that time which was free with Xfinity (Comcast) services as my internet provider.  He connected with a remote access program and spent over an hour uninstalling the old Norton (it took him three attempts to be successful with a lot of changes to the registry each time) and then he installed Norton Security Suite.  The problem began sometime after that.  I am not running any other security programs (the Tech even verified that).

2. Answered in 1. above.

3. I cannot find any reference to "Constant Guard Suite" .  The Product Name is Norton Security Suite Version Vendor Name: Comcast.  All available features are turned on or active.  Can you describe how I would be able to determine if I have "Constant Guard Suite"?

4. Answered in 1. above.

5. It appears ccsvchst.exe is currently running from 35 to 65% of CPU for the past 10 minutes and is the only program taking a huge chunk of the CPU.

Anything else I can provide that will help?  I'm tired of listening to my CPU fan HOWL at me and the computer being "locked up" when the CPU is at 100%.  The mouse is no longer responsive, nothing happens.  I have a Dell Dimension DIM3000 computer with an Intel Pentium 4 CPU at 2.8 GHz with 2.00 GB of RAM.  It's not the fastest, but it's not a dog, either.



Re: CCSVCHST.EXE Problem - running at full CPU

Thanks for the additional info.  Your machine specs seem just fine.

If Constant Guard were installed you would see it as a separate entry in Add-Remove Programs or Programs and Features.  If it is there, I would advise uninstalling it.

You might want to consider upgrading to NSS version 6.  I would recommend a complete uninstall as outlined by USAF_E-8_RET in this post on the Comcast Security forums. USAF_E-8_RET is well respected on that community and you will find those instructions are very good.

The download link provided there will avoid the Constant Guard Suite - just be sure to decline any pop-up offer to download Constant Guard.

Let us know how you do.

"Anyone who isn't confused really doesn't understand the situation."   Edward R. Murrow

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