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Unauthorized access blocked (access protect data)

Hello! Earlier today, I accidently clicked on a ad (It was a ACCIDENT :()

and something was downloaded onto my computer before I could stop it.

About 4 programs were installed, and they were accessing my internet resources, whatever that means.

I uninstalled all the programs, but I'm afraid the virus might be in my computer still.

I'm getting messages from norton like "Statistical Submission: 110918221643723-000240.file Exonerated" every 10 minutes, sometimes it's random numbres, sometimes it is a virus.

and about every minute or two, I get "Unauthorized access blocked (access protect data)" 

,Blocked,No Action Required,2012-06-23 1:06:40,C:\PROGRAM FILES\SONY\VAIO CARE\VCPERFSERVICE.EXE,4580,C:\Program Files (x86)\Norton Internet Security\Engine\\ccsvchst.exe,1980,Access Process Data,Unauthorized access blocked

Is this still the virus, I've NEVER had these pop up before. And if not, could the virus still be in my computer? Norton isn't picking anything up, but I realize that I embedded it into my computer and norton may not recognize it


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Re: Unauthorized access blocked (access protect data)

Hi Kayla_777,

Are you getting Norton popup alerts, or are you only seeing these things in the History log?  Unauthorized access entries are Norton Product Tamper Protection events where Norton has prevented an outside program from accessing a Norton file or process - these are almost always benign and involve legitimate programs, even some WIndows processes.  Statistical submissions are files that are being sent to Symantec for analysis via Norton Community Watch - if the files were known to be malicious, Norton would have removed them from your PC automatically.  They may or may not be related to whatever it was that you downloaded, but for the time being they are not confirmed to be a threat.  In general, anything you find in the History logs can be disregarded as an active threat - the entries are simply historical records of events that have transpired that Norton has already dealt with.  If any of them had been serious and required user action, you would have been notified at the time that it happened.

This is not to say that you couldn't have accidentally downloaded something bad.  But if you did, the things you are reporting in your post would not confirm that - they are pretty much normal kinds of log entries.  Did Norton alert to anything when the download occurred?  If so, what threat did it detect?


Re: Unauthorized access blocked (access protect data)

Well, when I downloaded it on accident thinking it was another program.

It was a ad designed to look like the real one.

when I clicked it, norton checked it and said it was fine. About halfway through I noticed it wasn't the right thing, and tried to cancel it but couldn't.

right after this norton popped up saying my computer was attacked by "LilyJade Malware"

This was the point I realized programs were being installed onto my computer.

The notifications are in my history, but for example one program downloaded was the Shopping Sidekick.

Though, Norton never popped up saying anything was wrong, in my history it says "You allowed Shopping Sidekick to access your network resources" Though I did not.

Other things in my feed include changes to my firewall. 

These changes have stopped, and the programs have stopped downloading.

but I still get these notifications about unauthorized access. These started appearing right at the same time as all this was going on. I've never had them before this

Accepted Solution

Re: Unauthorized access blocked (access protect data)

Here is a write-up on LilyJade Malware:


The alert from Norton would be warning you about malware on your PC trying to connect out.  You should check in Windows Add/Remove Programs (or Programs and Features) for any program that may have been installed during the download and uninstall anything that you are sure is an unwanted program.  If you are not sure, do not remove.

I still think the unauthorized access reports are probably normal.  Open Norton History and select Norton Product Tamper Protection in the "Show" dropdown list.  See if there are entries dating back to before you clicked on that ad.

You might want to run a scan with the FREE (not the PRO) version of Malwarebytes'.  Malwarebytes' is designed to detect a lot of Potentially Unwanted Programs (Shopping SIdekick sounds like one).



Re: Unauthorized access blocked (access protect data)

You were right ^^

After doing what you suggested, I found that these instances were happening a few days prior.

I still have the virus, but that's one less thing I have to worry about.

thank you!

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