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temporarily disabling norton

I need to temporarily disable norton to install the software for my HP D7560 printer. How do I do that? I did it once before but I cannot find the buttons in this program.

Vic Phillips



Re: temporarily disabling norton

Generally not recommended, but when needed: Put your mouse cursor on the Norton icon in the system tray and right-click. A list of options should appear above the icon. Left-click on "disable antivirus". A small user interface window should then open giving length-of-time options for the disabling. Choose your preferred length of time. Reverse the process when you are finished downloading or installing the software.

Kudos1 Stats

Re: temporarily disabling norton

For peace of mind, download the software before disabling Norton. Scan the downloaded file(s).

Disconnect from the internet, then temporarily disable Norton.

Install your software.

Re enable Norton.

Re connect to the internet.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Identity Safe data.

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