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Norton Online Family Issues!

I've been very disappointed with Norton Online Family.  There are two issues that I'll address now and hopefully get some help with:

The biggest problem I am having is that the time monitoring feature just does not seem to work.  For instance, today my girlfriend's child\ told me that the computer was showing her 3:00 curfew had been reached and needed me to extend her time.  She has no curfew set in her profile, just a three hour time limit.  Here is a screen shot of her settings:

The other thing that is CONTINUALLY happening is I get a message this: "

Hi Dad, 

Norton Safety Minder plug-in is disconnected or disabled on Christine's Laptop . To resume monitoring the Internet activities of your
children, restart the Web browser or restart the computer."

The happens with both computers that have NOF running.

I'm about ready to purchase software from another company as ths is just a headache!

Any assistance Norton can provide?




Re: Norton Online Family Issues!

Nobody?  Who do I need to contact about this?  I thought this was a support forum.


Re: Norton Online Family Issues!

Hi DarbyMiller,

Does the program block the child every day at 3:00 indicating it's curfew time?  How long has the child been using the PC on the day when it's happens?

Even though the Norton Safety Minder add-on is turned off, the program still monitors and blocks websites.

When you see the message next time, please check the browser that your child uses to see if the Norton Safety Minder Extension is enabled.  You can find it by clicking Tools -> Manage Add-ons in IE if IE is being used.



Thanks Katie

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