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Your browser is not protected from intrusion attempts - Cannot Fix

I noticed mid last week after a reboot, that Norton when opened, prompts me with the message below on the ‘home screen'.


your browser is not protected from intrusion attempts 


There is a button which says 'Fix Now'. On clicking the button and waiting maybe 10 seconds, the 'Fix Now' window changes from 'Fixing' to 'Fix not complete' and is says Browser Protection - Not Fixed.


Now I have manually run LiveUpdate a few times and restarted the PC.


Under Settings – Web – Browser Protection, the slide is on Off position. I slide it to the On position click the Apply button and then click the OK button. When checking the setting immediately, the slider is back in the Off position.


Additionally after a reboot of the PC, the slider under Home Screen – Advanced – Web Protection – Browser Protection is in the off position. I slide it to the on position and it appears to say in the on position until the next reboot.


Further to the information above, I use Chrome as my browser of choice (version 21.0.1180.79 m) and on each page I visit, I now see a yellow bar underneath the address bar with the following message:


Could not load Norton confidential


All of the things described above started about mid last week after a PC reboot.


Anyone got any ideas as to a cause, even better would be a solution -  thanks





Re: Your browser is not protected from intrusion attempts - Cannot Fix

Hi Simon,

Please go to the following link  https://www-secure.symantec.com/norton-support/jsp/help-solutions.jsp?actstat=activated&buildname=&conntype=100000000&coreservice=Startup+Type%3Aauto+State%3ARunning&country=United+States&cpu=AMD64+Family+16+Model+5+Stepping+2&ct=us&curdefs=20120818.017&datetime=08-19-2012+12%3A40%3A31+PM+GMT&defbrowser=Internet+Explorer&dsfree=405.30&dstotal=496.75&endpointid=%7Bbdc8f220-a8ba-11de-9fd4-90e6ba31ad0c%7D&entsrc=help&env=prod&hbguid=bdc8f220-a8ba-11de-9fd4-90e6ba31ad0c&hcmode=false&heartbeatID=bdc8f220-a8ba-11de-9fd4-90e6ba31ad0c&helpid=NIS_browser_defense_RT&ieversion=9.0.8112.16421&language=English&layout=&layouttype=&lg=en&lic_attr=21255186&lic_type=16&memload=29%25&memtotal=6748&os=windows&oslang=iso%3AENG&oslocale=iso%3AUSA&osvers=6.1&osversion=6.1+7601.17835.amd64fre.win7sp1_gdr.120503-2030&partnerid=&partnername=&plang=sym%3AEN&product=Norton+Internet+Security&psn=KK42GMF74BD7&pvid=f-nis-cur&remdays=109&skuf=20032477&skum=21171898&skup=20032950&spversion=1.0&sublength=110&subremaining=109&substatus=current&symskucurrent=20032950&symskumedia=21171898&utm_medium=product&utm_source=symc&version=

and check to make sure your settings are the same as in the "To Turn on Web Settings" section.

Also, please make sure your windows User account that you are using has administrator privileges.  Settings can not be changed by a limited user unless  the information here is followed.    Settings > General > Product Security > Non-Admins Access to Settings > default is off

Please let us know if any help.


Re: Your browser is not protected from intrusion attempts - Cannot Fix

Hi Yank, Thanks for the good information, but unfortunately it did not resolve my issue. I checked the section regarding Web Settings and all settings were turned on except for the Browser Protection part, which is where I am having the difficulty. The windows account I am using has admin privileges (checked), but I did alter the setting you mentioned below to allow non-admin account to make changes. Again this did not resolve the issue. Any further help greatly appreciated. Simon

Re: Your browser is not protected from intrusion attempts - Cannot Fix

After turning the PC on after being off all day, the issue of the prompt 'your browser is not protected from intrusion attempts' and not being able to change the setting has disappeared. The last thing I did before powering down the PC where the checks mentioned above. I have no idea what may have resolved the issue, but that part is fixed.

I am still left with the 'Could not load Norton Confidential' prompt within the web browser, but this appears to be a long standing issue.

If I actually find out what fixed the issue (e.g. software updating etc.), I shall come back and post the answer.


Re: Your browser is not protected from intrusion attempts - Cannot Fix

Win10 Home v1703 15063.540 / IE11 11.540.15063.0 / Norton Security Premium v22.10.1.10/ Office365 2016 Home Premium

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