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cannot remove 'aaa' java file (virus/malware)

When I go to the control panel-->add remove programs, I see a program 'aaa' java file.

When I attempt to uninstall it, I receive an error message saying it cannot be uninstalled.

The details of the program are:
1. Name: aaa
2. Publisher: bbb
3. comments: ccc
4. display icon: C:\WINDOWS\system32\javaws.exe


Symptons: intermittently causes certain websites to slow to a crawl or not display at all, eventually no internet available.


NIS 2012 and Malwarebytes do not detect this.

It originally occurred on my daughter's college laptop while running Symantec Endpoint Protection.


OS is Windows XP Home SP3.


Any help is appreciated!



Re: cannot remove 'aaa' java file (virus/malware)

I suspect the point of entry for this malware was a perfect storm of vulnerabilities in Firefox and Java.

Accepted Solution

Re: cannot remove 'aaa' java file (virus/malware)


Eldergeek board: http://http://www.theeldergeek.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=44871

4th entry down...

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