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Virus definitions out of date

I have read here that people are also having this problem but with no real fix.

1. Running Windows XP - Running Norton internet security 2012

2. Started getting message "Virus definitions out of date" - reran no fix

3. With software renewal close I tried to use "removal tool but got message that the tool version was out of date"

4. removed Norton internet security 2012 with "add/remove programs"

5. Install a "new" copy of NIS 2012 - Still go the same problem.

6. Definition date is correct and everything seems to be working except for this warning.

7. Is my computer safe?

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Accepted Solution

Re: Virus definitions out of date

Hi jackson42,

Check your system date and time - if the date is incorrect, it can cause these sorts of issues.


Re: Virus definitions out of date

Thank you very much, Some how my date got changed by two months. I reset it and ran updates agin and

all is well.

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