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Ghost 15 - Unable to copy C drive to SSD - please help!

Hi there,

I'm having trouble with the 'Copy my Drive' feature of Norton Ghost. I've shrunk my C drive down to 207GB, I'm trying to transfer/copy that to my SSD, which is 256GB (of which 228 is unallocated) and Ghost is telling my it's too small for the data. The error message reads:

-Info 6C8F1C25: Cannot update settings.

--The selected destination is too small to hold the data.


Is there something going on here I'm missing? I only really want Windows + a few other apps on the SSD, but it appears it's quite a lot more complicated than I realised. 

Before I started messing around I did back up all my files and I created a recovery point - I've successfully transferred the recovery point (which included the 'system' partition) to the SSD, but the rest doesn't want to go.

Thanks in advance, any help appreciated.



Re: Ghost 15 - Unable to copy C drive to SSD - please help!


Can you post a screenshot of Disk Management showing both drives?


Desktop or laptop?

Edit... Can you post the screenshot on a web site (eg, Photobucket) as well as on the weekend it can take hours before you image is approved for general viewing.


Re: Ghost 15 - Unable to copy C drive to SSD - please help!

Hi Brian,

Direct link to screenshot of disk management: http://i919.photobucket.com/albums/ad31/d7o1d1s0/disks2.jpg

It's a desktop, a Dell Studio XPS 7100 if that makes any difference. 

Thanks for the response.


Re: Ghost 15 - Unable to copy C drive to SSD - please help!


Thanks for the screenshot. I'm afraid there is no way in the world that you can clone your OS to the SSD at present. You have misunderstood the resizing concept. Your C: drive contains 207 GB of data and the partition size is 921 GB. You must resize the C: drive to less than 227.88 GB so that it will fit in the unallocated space of the SSD. Then your C: drive will be 90 % full of data. Too full for further addition of Windows updates and applications.

Ghost does sector based clones so if  your original partition was....( * is sectors in use, - is free space)


then the target partition to clones into can not be smaller than...


OK, what to do. Do the following in stages. Resize your C: drive to 300 GB. Create a partition in the 600 GB of unallocated space and call it DATA. Move your data files from the C: drive to the DATA partition. By data files I don't mean installed program files but videos, music, downloaded apps, documents. That sort of thing. If you have installed games that take up 10 GB or so then they will have to be uninstalled and maybe reinstalled to the data partition after the SSD is up and running. You may need to resize your pagefile smaller and remove your hibernation file. Anyway, you have the idea. After you have drastically reduced the data in your C: drive you can resize the C: drive again to 225 GB. Now you will be able to clone the Win7 partition to the SSD and boot from the SSD. At this stage there is more resizing to be done on the partitions on the 1 TB HD.

There's a lot to do. Want some help with the resizing?

I've recently done something similar. I have a 120 GB SSD and two 2 TB HDs. The SSD does make a big difference to performance. Even on 120 GB I've managed to fit 2 WinXP, 2 Win7, a Win8, a Linux and several other OS partitions.


Re: Ghost 15 - Unable to copy C drive to SSD - please help!

I did a test to assess the performance loss of a SSD by reducing the amount of free space in the partition. Win7 64 bit. I measured the Win7 Performance Index in an OS with 19% free space and the same OS with 10% free space. The Data Disk Transfer Rate component of the Performance Index was 7.7 in the former and 5.9 in the latter. So if you had started with 10% free space (90% of data as calculated above) you would already have lost potential SSD performance.

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