Norton utilities interfere with autocad

I Recently purchased Norton utilities which is on my laptop and PC. Though I love the overall functionality and performance, it seems to interfere with my Autodesk products and especially Autocad. It seems to either interfere with the launch of the program which causes it not to launch at all and then I have to reinstall/repair Autocad. Please help. Thanx



Re: Norton utilities interfere with autocad

Hello Werner,

could you please tell me when this occurs? was it after a Clean Registry scan? It could be that the registry scan is accidentally removing some autocad reg values that it thinks may be invalid or orphaned. 

Can you please verify this by trying to perform a clean registry while Autocad is installed? If it stops working can you perform the following troubleshooting steps:

Step 1: Reverse Norton Utilities registry changes:

1. Open Norton Utilities
2. Select "Recover"
3. Select "Restore"
4. Check (select) all of the check boxes shown under "Restore registry backup"
5. Select "Restore"
6. Once all of the items are restored, please restart your computer

Once steps 1 - 6 have been performed, please check to see if the affection application(s) begin to work correctly again. If the application(s) DO NOT begin to work again, than this indicates that Norton Utilities is not the cause of this issue.

If the affected applications do begin to work again, please proceed to "Step 2" shown below.

Step 2: Send Norton Utilities "scan.log":

1. Start Norton Utilities
2. Select "Clean your Registry"
3. At the completion of the scan, DO NOT select "Repair"
4. Select (click) the yellow "back" arrow in the upper left hand corner of the Norton Utilities screen
5. Select "Administer"
6. Select "Settings"
7. Select "Open Log Folder"
8. Attach the "Scan.log" text file from the “Log” folder to your reply to this e-mail.

As soon as we receive the "Scan.log", we will analyze it and inform you when we have the results.

If you require further assistance on this specific request, please reply to this email.

Kind Regards,


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