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Safe boot has been corrupted (9h err) - how to fix this?


I reset my laptop system to manufactrurer original image using the Symantec Recovery and Applications disc that came in with my laptop when I purchased it. I have window XP.  After the re-installation process was complete, I removed the recovery disc from the laptop and pressed a random key to try to start the computer. The computer did not start, instead I got an error message: Safeboot has been corrupted (9h err). Now, I can't even start my computer. I am stuck with this error message.

Can you please help show me how to remove this error message and to get my computer start again?

thank you very much,




Re: Safe boot has been corrupted (9h err) - how to fix this?

I am sorry I mean the error message is : Safeboot has been corrupted (Error 92h)



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