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The NEW Norton Utilities Has Been Unleashed!

Great News!

The latest version of Norton Utilities is now available for purchase at the Symantec Store - http://us.norton.com/norton-utilities/

Here’s what’s new!

  • Duplicate File Finder – Finds all of the duplicate files scattered across your computer's hard drive, so you can remove them and free up disk space for more of your Stuff.
  • System Dashboard – Shows you step-by-step how to get your computer to run like new again.
  • Application Uninstaller – Removes the programs you don't use or take up too many resources.
  • Windows 8 Compatibility – Norton Utilities is compatible with Windows’ new operating system.

The Utilities Story


You and your PC used to be so great together. Now it’s freezing, crashing, revealing your secrets, slowing you down. But you two can work it out. If your computer is displaying any of these signs of bad PC friendship, we can help you become friends again!

Your PC is…


Taking Forever to Start Up
It’s what happens when you let too many start up programs come between you and your PC.
How we fix it: No more making coffee while you wait for your PC to start. We get rid of programs and turn your slow down frown upside down!

Freezing & Crashing
With all the installing of programs and changing system settings, your PC feels so used and confused. And it shows.
How we fix it: We’ll scan your computer for errors, address inconsistencies, get rid of crashes so that you can just get back to enjoying your PC again.

Showing People Private Information
Your PC can’t keep a secret. A friend uses it to check email and gets your whole browsing history. Not cool.
How we fix it: We’ll erase your Internet browsing, search, and chat history and keep it between you two. Now your friends won’t know how much you love funny cat pictures.

Not set up correctly
Something’s not right. Conflicting system settings. Incorrect configurations. Time for a tune up.
How we fix it: We include preset profiles to automatically tweak your PC to fit your needs and make your friendship fuss-free. No need to be a computer genius.

Littered with Duplicate Files
You’re bogged down with duplicate files you re-download, re-copied, re-saved and re-gret.
How we fix it: We scan and remove duplicate files. No more wondering if “FunnyQuotes_FINAL_v2_(1).doc” is the latest and greatest version.

Cluttered with Unused Applications
All those programs you installed just to try out are
still hanging around like a 3rd (or 367th) wheel in your relationship.
How we fix it: We’ll find and remove unwanted programs to free up room and resources. Who knew you had so much more room on your PC?

Losing Files
You, your family, or maybe the dog, accidentally deleted pictures, music, or other precious files. Oops.
How we fix it: We scan your PC, helping reunite you with lost files you may still be able to retrieve. Phew, your family photos are safe.

Always Slowing Down
Your PC’s a mess. Bits and pieces of programs and files are scattered all over. It has to search all over every time you want to open one.
How we fix it: We’ll organize these bits and pieces to speed up access. No more sitting around double- clicking files, hoping they’ll open faster.

Norton Utilities is available for direct download at http://www.norton.com/nu16 

Please note that this announcement is in regards to the English version. Other language versions will be available from your regional Symantec Stores within the next few weeks.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask on the Other Norton Products Community Forums!


Dave Coleman

Norton Forums Administrator

Symantec Corporation