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NIS 2013 and win8

Was having problems with 2013 hanging the system.

 Tried to run the removal tool for 2013.

Half way through the system hung and when I rebooted the system was trashed.

Had to restore the the pc to factory settings and reinstall win8.

This was not the first time it has happened.

Now I am running the windows firewall and windows defender.

When will Norton fix these issues with NIS.



Re: NIS 2013 and win8

I had a similar issue like yours. I upgraded to Windows 8 Pro x64 with the WMC addon. Before installing Windows 8, I used Norton Management in Internet Explorer 9 to remove NIS from my pc. After the NIS uninstall, I restarted my pc. I then went into safe mode in Windows 7 , ran the Norton Removal Tool and restarted my pc. I then did a clean install of Windows 8 Pro, ran Windows Update and then added WMC to Windows 8. Next I  restarted my pc, reran Windows Update and then installed NIS 2013 through Norton's website for my account. It show's all 3 installation's as being available. Yet NIS won;t activate, stating all my install's were used up. NOT !! Thus I reuninstalled Norton, restarted pc, reran Norton Removal Tool, restarted pc and redid all this 3 times with the same result's. Norton Support is unavailable tto us 2013 version customer's. Probably because they know the 2013 versions are extremely buggy. Thus they suck. I then removed NIS and am sticking with Windows Firewall & Windows Defender until next month. At that time I'm getting Bitdefender Internet Security 2013. Symantec obviously doesn't care about it's customer's or product's. P.S. Symantec the Better Business Bureau will be demanding your company to refund my money.

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