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Norton Mobile security, forgotten password, locked out of phone


My phone ran out of battery last night and when I went to put my password in to unlock it, the message I got was wrong password, I then logged onto here and tried to reset but as yet have not recieved any emails with reset details.  My phone has now been wiped of all data.  How do I get back into my phone and is there anyway I can restore my photos etc??

Please can someone help




Re: Norton Mobile security, forgotten password, locked out of phone

Hi lindylooxx.

Welcome to the Community.

First I should comment that you appear not to have posted your message in the most appropriate forum.  The one you put it in is for Norton 360 and really relates to PCs so I have asked the moderators to move it to the Norton Mobile Security forum where you should get better coverage.  Do not worry about loosing sight of it as a link to it will be left in the 360 forum.

Now to try and deal with your problem.  As I am somewhat puzzled by what you describe please forgive me for asking questions to try and better understand what has happened and thus make it easier for me and others to try and help.

First I assume that you have Norton Mobile Security (NMS) on your phone.  Can you confirm this and advise on the version number of NMS (or when you think you last updated it) the model of your phone and the version of Android.

You refer to putting in your password - is this a Norton password (in which case can you describe the screen or better post a screen shot) or do you have some other password protection on the device?

When you say that you logged on "here" and now await reset details I am again puzzled.  What URL did you access and why?  If you were trying the mobilesecurity.norton.com website that is used by the current version of NMS (and the one that you will have registered the software with in the first case) then all you have to do is log on with your Norton Account details and it will show you the passcode to unlock your device.  There is no arrangement, I know of, to send you reset details.

You also say that all your data has been wiped.  Why do you think that?  NMS has a facility to wipe the phone but this is not set up by default and either requires you to instruct it to do so, or for you to enter the wrong passcode a substantial number of times.

I look forward to hearing back from you, in the hope that we can help and get this resolved as quickly as possible.

If anything is unclear then just say so.