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norton identity protection crash with google chrome

I have NIS 2013 ver and frequent crashes of the norton identity preotection extesion in google chrome (

Version 23.0.1271.64 m) is noticed lately .I tried to solve the problem by removing the extesion and reinstall" through unpacking the chrome,crx file in ext folder  " but the following message has appeared .
could not load extension from :...... 
The 'manifest_version' key must be present and set to 2 (without quotes). See developer.chrome.com/extensions/manifestVersion.html for details.

I think the extenstion file needs to be updated or modified to solve this problem

best regards,

dr. Moahmed Habeeb 



Re: norton identity protection crash with google chrome

Hi Mohamed,


Something you can try is running Norton Autofix - Support > Get Support to check your Norton installation and with concern about the Norton extension.


The usual recommendation is to do a full uninstall of the Chrome browser, then reinstall. (Be sure to backup/export your bookmarks first).


Also make sure your Norton product is fully up to date and rebooted before reinstalling Chrome.


Unfortunately, Chrome with the Norton extension crashing has been a frequent problem for some users.





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