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Got a Mac? Check For Flashback Trojan With Free Norton Removal Tool

The Flashback Trojan, the one that seemed to spread like wildfire, infecting an estimated 1% of Macs around the world, continues to cause trouble. Symantec researchers estimate the malware is still on as many as 270,000 systems. Not all Mac owners run security software, and many fail to install computer and program security patches when they become available. “Flashback” is a flash point in internet security history because Mac owners realize they need to attend to the same security precautions as PC owners.

Norton has just released a free tool that Mac owners can download and run to both check for Flashback on their system and remove it, neatly and cleanly. Then, whether your system was infected or not, you should install and use internet security software, such as Norton AntiVirus for Mac or Norton Internet Security for Mac.  And after that, get into the habit of installing patches and security updates for your operating system and other programs.

What is Flashback? Flashback is a Trojan program that takes advantage of a flaw in Java, a programming language used by many websites.

What can Flashback do? It is designed to steal passwords and other private information .There are variants out there so it’s possible that other damage can be done by different designs.

Is this a big outbreak?  Flashback is the biggest malware outbreak we’ve ever seen for the Mac platform. But it’s not the first malware we’ve seen for Mac. Last year there was an outbreak of fake antivirus software called Mac Defender.

Why are Macs suddenly vulnerable to viruses? All operating systems have potential vulnerabilities. It’s just that up until now, cybercriminals focused their efforts on the PC platforms in order to make more money. Users of all internet-connected devices, regardless of platform, should seek to make their device as secure as possible and use security software, as well as other best practices. This includes mobile devices like cell phones and tablets. 



The tool should work for any OS above 10.5, though it would be a good idea to update your friend's OS for them too. 


hi wha, 

i'm checking on the answer, sorry for the delay! Also i just noticed the link above is broken so let me get that sorted as well!

Thanks for the answer. My understanding is that this particular Mac can no longer be updated in terms of its operating system. It is still a viable machine, however, and lots of people are still using them. I suppose one option is to buy a new computer, but at over 80 years old, this family member is wondering whether that is the right step, for several reasons.
Does this free tool work for an iMac G5 with Mac OS system 10.5.8? This is not the latest Mac operating system, but this is an older computer and it can only run the 10.5.8. Would appreciate some guidance on this. I am asking for a family member. Thanks.

Once one is sure that they are not infected, will NAV 11 or 12 protect from other such infections? Were Mac already running NAV kept safe from this Flashback Malware?


Norton's Mac security software will defend you from this malware. So please check your system and then install Norton to be sure you stay clean! 

wha - I hope to be as techy as you are when I achieve your milestone age!! Keep it up and keep updating the computer if it makes your life easier. Technology should serve us, though sometimes it does feel the other way around. 

I am not the one who is 80. My family member with a Mac is. I am just helping various family members with security issues, both Mac and Microsoft :)

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