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How to find Product Key/Serial Number?

I have two computers and have apparently purchased two products. How do I determine which procuct key/serial number is downloaded on which computer? Shouldn't the software tell me somewhere?



Re: How to find Product Key/Serial Number?

Try clicking on Account on the top menu bar of your main NIS screen and log in and you should see the two listings; if you click on the entry it should expand and show the KEY.

How you link each of the two entries in this MyNortonAccount can be tricky but dates may give you a clue.

On the login page that you get to when you click on that Accounts link you should see Norton Apps so click on that and download the Norton Management App. With this you can give computers user friendly names so that the different ones under a single key can be more easily distinguished and you can do other useful things like cancelling an activation on a PC you are no longer using so that you can use it on another computer ...

I hope that is clear and matches what you see but let us know how you get on ....

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Re: How to find Product Key/Serial Number?

Your Norton account will show:

Product Key

Serial Number

Registration Date

If you open NIS and click Help > About, it will show the Serial Number and you can match that to the one in your Norton account.



Re: How to find Product Key/Serial Number?

That's what I was looking for. Thanks!

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