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Norton 360 online backup

I recently opened my Norton to check on something and noticed a big, red square with an "X" at the "Backup" box. I followed thru all the prompts to fix the problem but kept getting "unable to access Norton Account at this time. Please try again later." When I went to manage online back ups, I got "This error (HTTP 403 Forbidden) means that Internet Explorer was able to connect to the website, but it does not have permission to view the webpage". I did the Autofix, and eventualy used the NRnR to uninstall and reinstall (big mistake because now my identity safe is wiped out. What good is it doing to have online vault if I can't put my logins back?) I've tried deleting my subscription and reactivating it. I've log out and back in. I've tried everything I can think of. I have used only 11% of my storage, so that isn't the problem. I've been using Norton products with basically no problem since 1999. It used to be so easy to find a solution to a problem with Norton, on the rare occasion when they did occur, but now, well, I am considering looking for a different program far from Norton/Symantec! And to add to the complication, the box is now green again, but I still cannot gain access to the backup files from my pc BUT I have no problem viewing them from my droid!  



Re: Norton 360 online backup

Welcome to the growing club, Michele. I can't use online backup either and get the same message, unable to access, try later. I have wasted hours and hours without a solution, including removing the license and then reactivating it. And I couldn't access backup from the very first day I installed Norton 360 on this computer. Very frustrating.


Re: Norton 360 online backup

I've been having that problem quite a bit lately too with each computer I have on the subscription.

The first time was a problem upgrading from 360 to 360 premier (5 seats with the 25gb backup).   Using their remote maintenance procedure, the tech installed software to remove all Norton software, then reinstalled the current version.   That took about 45 minutes of multiple installs, re-boots, registry tweaks, etc.

The other times, N360 would crash completely, requiring a re-boot.  Upon returning, my backup / subscription status would be wrong and I couldn't get it back.  Again - chat support, remote configuration by the tech, and the problem was solved.  Each subsequent time the remote session was much quicker - probably around 15 minutes.

The only problem is waiting for chat support to respond - they must be extremely busy. . .


Re: Norton 360 online backup

Check that your system date and time are correct.

Click on Support - Subscription Status to have your computer sync with the Symantec subscription servers.

Run LiveUpdate manually a few times, rebooting as necessary, until no updates are available.

clicking on Support - Get Support after you have done the updates, to run Autofix to check your installation and fix what it finds.

If this doen't help, try this.

Sign in to your registered norton account and then try accessing manage backup sets and try back up your files.

Hope this would help.

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