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Norton 360 Everywhere won't scan in Windows 8

Hey everyone, I could really use some help.

This is my first time posting and I think I've followed the rules properly. Here is what is going on...

I'm currently running the latest Norton 360 Everywhere on Windows 8. Three weeks ago after receiving Norton updates on Wednesday around the 7th (I think) my Quick Scan and Full Scan refused to run. Every other part of my Norton 360, even in my internet browser, worked just fine. I kept updating until it said there were no further updates. I restarted my computer, and checked again; no new updates. I resorted to Norton Support. A Support Rep connected with my comp, used Norton Removal Tool to remove the existing Norton and redownloaded it, reinstalled and it worked fine. It went great every single day when I was doing full and quick scans.

One week later there were new Norton updates on the following Wednesday. Exact same problem - everything worked EXCEPT Quick and Full Scan. So I connected again. This time the Support Rep went into my existing Norton, downloaded something and replaced a file after saying there was something missing. We restarted and it worked just fine. Everyday it was just fine.

One week later - Nov 28th,  new Norton Updates. It happened AGAIN. I connected once more to Norton Support (getting really tired of doing so). That time I got this lady, and boy let me tell you I was livid by the end of the conversation. I don't think I have EVER gotten someone in customer service from any company that has made me so mad. But hey, so be it. She used Norton Removal Tool, took THREE FLIPPIN' HOURS to do whatever she did. Finally it was completed. It worked. I had Quick and Full Scans late Wednesday and all of yesterday.

Until today. New updates from Norton. I cringe now whenever I see those updates. And guess what? It broke my Norton 360 AGAIN. Now I can't Quick or Full Scan.

I'm at a loss, everyone. I've spent over 6 hours of my time dealing with reps. I have been waiting for a supervisor rep (my last customer service rep passed me on) since 11am this morning and now it is 2:18pm.  The one who transferred me told me they only have 2 supers on today and eventually someone might take a look. This is CRAZY. I am so closed to deleting Norton and throwing the box out of the window. I'm still waiting to see if the silly Log Me In Rescue chat will actually connect me or not.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Does anyone have any suggestions? Again, I'm running Windows 8. I have not changed anything to my computer. I've checked with Malabytes to be sure it's not viral, I've connected this comp to another just to scan it from there and make sure I didn't miss anything. My comp is clean. Since I used Norton 360 Everywhere on four other devices I'm not having problems on any of them, only on this one which is, of course, my main system. All I can figure is that something about their updates is meshing with Windows 8 since I run Vista on the others.

I'm desperate here; anyone have any ideas? Like I said everything works except for the scanning. I've been left high and dry with tech support and I don't know where else to turn as Google searches haven't yielded any results.



Re: Norton 360 Everywhere won't scan in Windows 8

After four hours I finally got one of those two elusive Supervisor Reps. The gentleman ran a Chkdsk, which I had already done, restarted my computer and managed to run a Quick Scan (sometimes the quick will work after a restart but rare... maybe 1 in 4 times), but he could not run a Full Scan. He stated the issue seemed to be resolved. I explained that no, it wasn't. When I reattempted a new scan it stopped again. No errors were found with my hard drive with a full Chkdsk. He left me with a "please contact us again if you have any further problems".

*head desk*

I'm still hoping someone on the forums might have a suggestion because Tech really has left me high and dry with this. Please, someone throw me a lifeline here... :-/


Re: Norton 360 Everywhere won't scan in Windows 8

Hi fierystorms,

Hope that you already solved your problem.

If not, maybe doing steps as below will help.

First open your event manager to shut down Norton.

At this step make sure that you end both processes of Symantec Service.

Then you go to the folder where your Norton installed to.

Normally it's easier for you to do so by just right click on the shortcut icon of Norton, then click property, then click open file location.

Then you right click the icon that has already been highlighted in the windows that opens up.

Again, property.

Then click compatibility, which second opinion to the left.

Check the opinion that says run this program as Administrator.

You can also do the same thing for all users by clicking the button under this opinion.

If you still feel unsure, go back to the file folder of Norton and do the samething to every application icon, i'm sure that will do lol.

Good luck!


Re: Norton 360 Everywhere won't scan in Windows 8

I had the same issue, but found a resolution. Download the 'Norton Power Eraser' from Symantec, run the program and then the scannning will work again!

I still have the issue happen that every so often the scanning will not work, but after re-running the 'NPE' program it fixes itself.

Symantec you need to investigate this problem!


Re: Norton 360 Everywhere won't scan in Windows 8

Thank you, PDLane18 for your response and suggestion; I'll have to try that out in a bit. The problem is still going on and Norton reps tell me there is nothing else they can do. So... not too happy with them currently. It's not like it's a free open source program, it's one we pay for.

Thank you again PDLane18 and thank you also, Helpfuldude, for your suggestion!

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