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Left Click Mouse wont open links in messages

When I open up my messages in Windows LiveMail, I try to open up any web links or activation requests or any link, and all that happens is a Word file is opened which has no way of getting into the link. I have never had this problem before when opening up e-mail links in my messages.



Re: Left Click Mouse wont open links in messages

I'm guessing you are using Vista or Windows 7.

Click the start button, go to "set your default programs"

Select "Set Your Default Programs"

Select Internet Explorer and set it as default.

Reboot and verify the links now work.

You should then be able to set another browser as default if you prefer one over IE.

If that doesn't work let us know because you would have Word set to open all html files.



Re: Left Click Mouse wont open links in messages

Many thanks For the welcome.

I hope that this is the place I can get some advice on my present problem?

I use Windows Livemail to access my e-mail messages. Suddenly, without any warning, each time I try to click on any web link or any link at all, a funny window opens up in Word. I say funny, because I don't actually reognise the format. It seems to be listing the details that my be found on a web page but you can't hover over anything in order to open it up. This is really annoying because there are quite a few activation codes that I need to get started on but, no surprise, I can't open. Can you help or suggest what the problem might be.

Many thanks

Le mec


Re: Left Click Mouse wont open links in messages

I already did.

Did you try what I suggested?

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