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Norton utilities 16

Got this fantastic new thing (first time I use something to make my computer better) Norton utilities 16.It's so nice.But I would loved to know before I use it that it will delete all my skype archive.Don't have a backup..Tried to restore deleted files got the main.db I did copy it in skype folder but ther's nothing.There is anyway to recover all my archive or it's all done?

much appriciete guys for the time spent on me:)



Re: Norton utilities 16

Hi AlexandruAdrianBlaga,

I understand that you do not wish to delete the Skype history.

Please note that this Privacy function helps maintain your day-to-day computing privacy. Temporary and recent file history erasers clear your temporary file folders, as well as your recently opened files lists, keeping your PC use and file access history private.

However if you wish to keep the Skype history,
please disable clearing history information for Skype
to see if helps for future.

1. Open "Norton Utilities 16"
2. Select "Privacy" tab
3. Select "Click on “Clear Your Third-Party Software Traces"
4. Scroll down and Uncheck the "Skype 4 x" box
5. Click "Save Choices"

Unfortunately once it gets deleted, you will not be able to recover files in general
as it is not design to do so.


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