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Norton 360 \ Windows 8

I have purchased Norton 360 for many years, which includes security for 3 units. It's fine for our PC and laptop, with Windows 7, but now the new tablet with Windows 8 will not download the third subscription. The only Norton security I can get from the "Windows Store" is for facebook! I don't do Facebook. Is there any way I can get N360 downloaded on my tablet with Windows 8?



Re: Norton 360 \ Windows 8

Hi anniebutt

Welcome to the Norton Community.

As this is the Norton Tablet Security Forum for the Android application i

will ask the Forums Moderator if this thread can be moved to the Norton

360 Forum for better exposure and asistance.

But do not worry as there will be a link that will remain here so you do not

loose track of your thread and posts.

All the best and i hope your issue is resolved soon.



Re: Norton 360 \ Windows 8


<<  the new tablet with Windows 8 >>

Is this one of the Windows 8 RT series which do not use the full Windows 8 operating system? I know the Microsoft Surface that uses the full Windows 8 Pro is not coming out until early February.

If it is the RT version then normal Windows applications including the normal N 360 does not work on this series.

Perhaps you can tell us the make and exact model identification of your tablet .....


Re: Norton 360 \ Windows 8

Moved to own thread for better exposure.

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